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Icelandic Sheepdogs

Don't spend 5 weeks in Hawaii.  Puppies may happen. 

Audur's Teitur is fast, efficient, and the Sire of two litters born 1 day apart.  Solee and Seri are proud to present their offspring.  They are also tired of nursing, so they request your assistance by adopting these puppies, born on September 2 (Solee - 1 pup) and September 3 (Seri - 7 pups) 2016.

Serenity - we call her Seri - was one of the girls from Solee's first litter.  Later, we acquired Audur's Teitur (CKC Registered, AKC pending) from Canada as a sire for her and her mom. 

Click on a puppy mugshot below for additional pictures.


Large pup, but that is expected, he was a single.  Light brown puppy coat will likely go very red.  First pup we have seen without a "White Collar".  Double rear dew claws.  Owns the bottom step on our circular stairs.  First to go roaming outside - discovered right after the words "We're missing one..."  Has discovered "girls".  You can figure it out.  Part of the "TRIAD".  Playful.  Born Sept 2, the first puppy.

San Francisco, CA


Mr. Laid-Back.  Very gentle, plays well, then finds a place to nap.  On top of your feet often works just fine.  The largest of all the puppies.

Kenmore, WA


Red collar.  The only girl in the TRIAD, can't stand two boys rough-housing, so she will wrestle one to the ground.  Always on the go, #1's girlfriend.  Reminds us of the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and war.  Sweet, pretty, and not taking any guff from the guys.  That's Freyja.

Port Townsend, WA


Pink collar.  Dainty, not like my tom-boy sister. 

She may seem quiet and timid, but she has the signs of great inner strength and courage.

Bend, OR


The look says it all - I AM ADORABLE, AND I have a HOME!!

Lincoln, NE

That's his new Big brother on the left

Blue collar.  Double rear dew claws.  Part of the TRIAD, a puppy gang that only picks on other TRIAD members.  Has a face the girl pups go for.   Found  a home  in Washington State.

Maple Valley, WA

THE CALMEST of the group.  Not so interested in running as finding the bone and chewing.  Will fall asleep in your arms.

Green collar.  Double rear dew claws.

Calgary, AB

Black collar. Smallest. Playful and active.  Knows what a bone is, and that any untended bone is his.  Sweet disposition.  But, don't mess with my bone...

Mill Creek, WA

If you see a puppy you would like to take home, give us a call or send an email to - There is a puppy here for YOU!

The puppies here are just 5 weeks old and already getting well socialized with dogs and people.  They have learned how to play with each other and mature dogs.  At their first visit to the veterinarians office, they will get their first shots and deworming.

Icelandic Sheepdogs love to run and play, are good with children and adults, and absolutely live to please their master.  They must be reprimanded carefully.  They do not back down from danger, but will crumble if their master starts yelling at them.  That is the sign of an animal paying attention.  If you have not had this breed before, basic puppy classes are a good idea.  They will probably outperform their peers because the desire to "please the master" is so great.

They are a primitive breed (read: unspoiled by line breeding for one trait or another).  Various show breeds are known for hip problems, skin or eye problems, etc.  Because care has been taken to keep the genetics diverse, these dogs have very few "inbred" problems.  Adult weight is 25 to 30 lbs.

These critters are at their best and happiest when working with their master, such as moving sheep.  When off-duty, they chase rabbits, will exterminate rodents, and particularly DO NOT LIKE BIRDS.  In Iceland, large raptors are predators that will attack these dogs - it is hard-wired into them to chase away big flying birds.

Below are pictures of the parents, Seri, Solee and Teitur.  Also, pictures of puppies having fun still to come.


A few more puppy pictures...

out like a light
playing is hard work.jpg